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LG G2x – features (menus, calling, contacts, messaging)

The article will provide a user with information on features of the LG G2x’s features such as menus, calling, contacts and messaging.


LG G2x uses a stock Android interface with almost no intervention from T-Mobile. There are a few apps loaded by T-Mobile that cannot be removed, but otherwise the homescreen panels and buttons, the application drawer, and all the system menus that lie beneath are basic Android 2.2.  The G2x offers five home screens which provides an opportunity for users to customize the appearance and placement of widgets and applications. The phone also has a dual-core 1GHz Tegra2 processor inside.  It has good UI and application performance.

The phone provides a user with a calling shortcut that persists at the bottom of every home screen panel. If a user presses that button and is taken to the last calling function that user viewed, so if a user was browsing the call log, that’s what a user will see first. The phone and in-call options are standard Android

The G2x also includes T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling service.  This works well for making phone calls through the home internet connection rather than the cellular network.

The phone can synchronise with Google contacts, Exchange servers, Facebook and Twitter. If a user adds a new application such as Skype, the phone can synchronize with those contacts as well. From a users contact list, tapping a picture brings up a small row of icons.  This lets a user to make a call easily and also send a message or email, or start a navigation trip, if a user has a postal address listed.

The  SMS/MMS messages are displayed in a conversational, threaded format. It is easy to attach media and information to a users messages, including pictures and videos, as well as navigation coordinates and contact information.

For instant messaging, the G2x comes with Google Talk. For email, there are Gmail and Exchange accounts, with support for multiple Exchange servers, as well as POP3 and IMAP4 mail accounts. The Gmail application is superior, with more features for managing, organizing and labeling messages.  The LG G2x also includes apps for Twitter and Facebook. These apps come with widgets.  This means that a user can read status updates or post new updates directly from the homescreen, without opening an application.

LG G2x – screen, signal, sound and battery

The article will provide a reader with information on screen, signal, sound and battery for the LG G2x mobile phone.  Let’s have a look at the screen, signal, sound and battery for the mobile phone:


The G2x’s display measures four inches, which is a nice middle ground. It doesn’t make for a dinner plate sized device, but isn’t so small that it’s annoying. It packs in 400 x 800 pixels. The pixel density is good and the display looks brilliant. User interface elements pop off the display, and everything is super sharp.


The G2x latched onto T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network firmly. The signal for the G2x mobile phone is good and the data speeds are excellent.


The G2x has really good call quality. Phone calls are clear and lack interference.  The speakerphone is solid and the ringers and alert tones are loud enough.


The battery life is average for an Android smartphone. The G2x can easily make it through a full day’s use.

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LG G2x

The article will provide a user with information on LG G2x phone.  LG G2x has an 8 megapixel shooter and can capture full 1080p HD video.  The quality of the materials is good and rounded edges make it comfortable to hold and use.  It is thin enough that carrying it in any pocket is not a problem.

The front face is one large piece of glass that has curved edges. The edges are curved curve downward, toward the side of the G2x.  The left side of the G2x is barren. There are two separate buttons to raise and lower the volume.  The top edge of the G2x has a lot going on. It has a 3.5mm headset jack, a mini-HDMI port, and the power/lock button. The HDMI port is covered by a hatch.  The power/lock key is easy to find.
The microUSB port is built into the bottom edge of the G2x.  The battery cover matches the design of the new G-Slate tablet from LG. The battery cover peels off easily and allows a user to access the microSD card slot. MicroSD cards can be changed without removing the battery.

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