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Laptop Cooler

The article will provide a reader with information on laptop cooler. A laptop is not cheap, so the last thing a user want to do is run the risk of it overheating and being damaged. A user would think that this won’t happen to a user, but be warned; prolonged use of the laptop can cause it to heat up and sometimes even overheat to the point where it will do the laptop damage.

Avoid this from happening with this sleek and slim laptop cooling pad. Powered by two USB cooling fans, this slim line pad will fit all sizes of laptop computer and the Apple iBook and keep the valuable laptop safe and cool!
The two high performance noise reduced fans are built into the sturdy moulded black plastic pad and run directly from the USB port on the laptop (so no need for batteries or power cables) and whilst the laptop is turned on and running the fans are also on – keeping the underside and area on the laptop that heats up, nice and cool!
A user use put the laptop on a normal desk or table and run for a prolonged period of time and naturally the laptop will heat up and potentially cause damage; or place the laptop on an ‘always on’ set of cooling fans and no matter how long the laptop is running it will be kept cool and safe – the choice is users choice.
If a user owns a laptop then this is a must have gadget.
• Reduce the temperature of the laptop
• Protect and prolong the life of the laptop
• Pad is lightweight and easy to carry with the laptop
• Two high performance fans keep the laptop cool
• Fans run with little of no noise that can cause distraction
• Powered by the laptop USB – so no need for batteries or cables
• Ergonomic and sturdy design to handle any weight and pressure
• Suitable for all laptops, iBooks and widescreen laptops
• Measures 300mm (h) x 230mm (w) x 17mm (d)
• No need for installation, just plug the laptop in via the USB
After reading the article, a user would have learnt about the laptop cooler.

Desktop or Laptop:What’s right for You?

With PC’s at rock-bottom prices now-a-days, and laptops being practically thrown at you from mobile phone companies, it can be difficult to choose the right solution for you. There are good and bad reasons for both PC’s and laptops, this handy little guide should put you on the right path, and offer a little advice about PC Repairs and Laptop Repairs.


When buying brand new, you are more likely to pay more for a laptop of comparable specifications to a PC. Smaller components are generally more expensive, and that is reflected in the price. If your family uses the computer mainly for word processing and internet use, a laptop could be more beneficial, however if you are more into gaming, video editing and publishing, then it will cost far more for a PC, but you’ll see the benefit.


This one’s a bit of a no-brainer. Laptops are much more portable, so the real question is: do you need it to be? If you love sitting watching television, with the laptop on your knees, then you don’t need any more advice! If you have a home office however, a PC may be more suitable, in helping to separate work from play.

PC Repairs, Laptop Repairs and Upgrading

Although, you can have parts replaced or upgraded in a laptop, this is far easier to do in a desktop PC. If you are unsure of how to upgrade or install new hardware or software, then it’s advisable to head to your local PC Repairs or Laptop Repairs centre to get it fixed for you.


This means how the computer rates in ease of use. If you have a desktop PC, you will have to sit a chair for extended periods of timje, o you need to invest in a good quality chair, with back support. If you have a laptop, you don’t need the extra expense of a chair, but you must bear in mind the strain on your neck, and the risk of RSI (repetitive strain injury).


Desktops are becoming smaller, but with a workstation crowed with a monitor, PC and all its peripherals, if you have a small house then it might be easier to go for a laptop.

There is no one right answer. However, using this guide will help you think through the lifestyle of your family and help you come to a solid decision.