Smile! You Are On Camera

We Know What Your Thinking!A camera which can measure your smile? It must be another invention from the Far East hotbed of Japan.

While we had a computer last week that was supposedly able to decipher whether you were looking for love via you face, we now have a camera which is capable of rating your smile on a scale of 1 to 100. So what exactly does this camera do and what use will it be?

On the surface this may seem like a complete waste of money, but there are actually some very interesting possibilities which it opens up to the wider market. Rather than just take a snap shot of your mouth, the camera will actually pick up on all of your facial expressions, the curve of your lips, eye movement and other facial characteristics which sometimes go unnoticed by the human eye.

It has been predicted that very soon computers will be able to analyse your mood just by looking at your face, detect possible medical conditions and the ultimate systems, the unbeatable lie detector test. Those who are up to speed with the latest camera technology will know that there is already a Sony system out there which will wait until you are smiling before it takes a photograph, although this latest development from the Japanese giants has taken the technology substantially further forward. So what next?

There are many people who are already suggesting that this new system will allow robots to read the mood and reactions of humans, and while this in itself is something of a worrying development, the new system brings the potential that little closer. However, until we have robots which are capable of reading our minds and taking over the human race, a simple smile analysis system does not seem too harmful!

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