Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 combines the portability of a smartphone with the multitasking abilities and incredible viewing experience of a tablet. The huge HD screen is planted on a phone that’s still 8mm thin and easy to use with one hand.shafkatworkphoto
• Gigantic 6.3” screen, ideal for movie watching & web surfing
• Enormous 3,200mAh battery to power you for days on end

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 has one of the biggest screens of any smartphone, making it ideal for catching a movie when you’re on the move and enjoying visual content, but also perfect for typing, working on spreadsheets and opening multiple apps on screen at once.
A super sized screen.  The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is going to be famous for its screen. At 6.3” it’s one of the biggest of any smartphone, and with 720p HD resolution it’s sharp too, so it’s stupendous for enjoying your favourite movies, TV episodes, and enjoying photos on Facebook. Even though the Galaxy Mega has such a large screen, it’s still perfectly usable with one hand. Light for its size and only 8mm thin, there’s also built-in software that makes it easy for one hand use. There’s a special keyboard option that squishes the keys to one side, as well as a number pad that can be shrunk, making for easier selection with one thumb.

Split screen mode
That huge screen is also great for using multiple apps at once for increased efficiency. This means you can have an email open in one half of the screen, and be reading an internet page on the other half. You can also be making notes on S Planner while reading a text message from a friend giving you directions. Or, use the Pop up play feature. This means you can have a small window playing a movie or video clip floating on top of any other screen, so you can be writing some Tweets, and still watch your video clips from last night’s party.

Group Play and S Translator
The great software in the Samsung Galaxy Mega doesn’t stop there either. Group Play is a feature that lets you wirelessly connect to other compatible devices so you can share music and have it playing from multiple devices at once, share pictures, documents, and connect to play multiplayer games. It’s fast and really easy to set up too. S Translator is a built-in app that lets you translate from and to English from nine other languages including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. It also works offline, so you won’t have any huge data bills when you’re abroad.

Cameras front and back
With a screen like the one fitted to the Samsung Galaxy Mega, you’ll want a couple of great cameras. On the reverse is an 8MP lens that’s perfect for shots of people or places, during day or night, and then you can upload them in seconds to Twitter or Facebook®. On the front the 1.9MP camera is ideal for video calls or self-portraits. And that 6.3” screen is ideal for apps like Skype, giving you a great view of your friends and family wherever they are.

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