LG Xnote R200

LG Xnote R200

LG’s series of Xnote laptops claim themselves to be “ultra-portable, ultra-stylish, ultra-advanced.” The R200 model is an interesting product that has entered the market since it is a rare model to have the auxiliary display which supports the SideShow feature of Windows Vista. It even seems to include few other good features with respect to the connectivity and the cooling.

Processor Intel Core2 Duo T7300 2.0Ghz
4MB L2 Cache 800MHz FSB
Chipset Intel Mobile 965PM Express
RAM 1 GB DDR2 ( 667MHz, 2 x 512MB), Dual Chanel Support and up to 4 GB support
Hard Disk Drive 160GB SATA
External Options for storage Super Multi DVD Dual layer Drive, 5-in-1 media card reader (MS Pro/MS/MMC/SD/XD)

Display 12.1 inches WXGA resolution (1280×800)
Graphics ATI Radeon Mobility HD2400, Hyper memory Support, 128MB VRAM
Dimensions 301x226x31 ~ 34 mm
Weight 1.94Kg
Battery Lithium-ion 6-Cell Battery
Connectivity Bluetooth, Intel Pro/Wireless support, Gigabit Ethernet, 56k Modem

Other than those specified features, the R200 even includes few other special features:

An auxiliary 2.5-inch display supporting the Windows Vista SideShow.
TruSurround XT technology and SRS WOW HD
MSSC (Multiple-Source Single Cooling), that cools the graphics core, chipset, CPU at the same time along with an optimized fan and copper heat sinks
Carbon NanoTube (CNT) technology that reduces the heat from the GPU & CPU over copper by 10 percent
Blue Core4: The LG’s advancement of Bluetooth module that is up to three times much faster than the Bluetooth v1.2

LG Xnote R200 arrives along with a Lithium-ion 6-cell battery. The laptop is a good performer indeed; with the SideShow feature, all that can be said is that it is the nice addition, but it is not definitely something to crave for.

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3 thoughts on “LG Xnote R200”

  1. I really like the look of LG products, not just their laptops. But my question has always been do they have as much substance as their price tags, and even beautiful designs? Having a sleek and snazzy looking laptop is fantastic, but if it breaks down fast, not much use.

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