Gmail push Chrome & Firefox instead of IE

Google have jumped into attack mode as they have started pushing the likes of their home grown Chrome browser and the Mozilla made Firefox instead of the popular Internet Explorer as Google have slammed the browser for being just too darn slow.

If you are attempting to combine Internet Explorer with Gmail then you are in for a bit of a surprise message as “Get Faster Gmail” pops up in the menu bar.  And if you’re too enticed to ignore the message and give it a little click you will be redirected to a site that allows you to download one of the browsers that Google is promoting.  Google are even going as far to claim that Firefox and Chrome offer browsing that gives the user twice as fast surfing.

The stunt has been classed as an effort to save the ailing web browser that has performed somewhat below par compared to other browsers.  Chrome has been fairly unsuccessful since its launch and currently holds a pitiful 1 per cent share in the browser market.  Chrome recently jumped out of its Beta shell in early December, although critics slammed Google for bringing the software out of Beta prematurely.

Meanwhile, Internet Explorer last month held the majority of the web browsing market as 69 per cent of web users were happily surfing using Internet Explorer (mainly IE7).  It is quite understandable why Google is a little bit jealous.

Mozilla are holding on to 16 per cent of the browser market, however that seems to be enough for the company as they are turning quite a tidy profit and Mozilla raked in $75 million in 2007.

The Mozilla Foundation’s chairman, Mitchell Baker, claimed in a recent interview with ZD Net that Mozilla is not shaking in their boots around Chrome and don’t particularly see them as a threat.

When asked if Mozilla sees Chrome as a threat to both their hold on the market and their revenue, Baker stated, “We’re careful, and we watch. But are we particularly worried? No. We expect Chrome to have some amount of market share, but we don’t expect it to balloon. Our market share continues to grow, and we expect it to be healthy. The relationship between Google and Mozilla is good, in a business sense, for both organizations.”

Meanwhile, Baker addressed the competition between Internet Explorer and Firefox, claiming that Internet Explorer holds a massive share of the browser market yet Baker doesn’t see Internet Explorer winning in the innovative awards section any time soon.

“It still does not remotely approach Firefox as a product, and we don’t expect IE to challenge Firefox supremacy as the technical innovator in the near-term time frame. We do hope to see IE standards compliance and its modern features improved. The single biggest problem now in moving the Web forward is having to deal with people using back versions of IE,” claimed Baker.

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2 thoughts on “Gmail push Chrome & Firefox instead of IE”

  1. It’s pretty obvious they’d rather push Chrome… but pushing Firefox too? that’s pretty surprising :) And it’s pretty obvious they’re going to say not to use IE… it’s appalling! hehe.

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