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ArcSight Bring Altor’s Virtual Firewall to the Alliance

Virtual network security company, Altor Networks, have announced that it is now a member of the ArcSight Technology Alliance – a provider of security and compliance management solutions. Using the ArcSight Common Event Format (CEF), Altor exports firewall logs and detailed information about network traffic from virtualized servers like VMware ESX to the ArcSight Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Platform.

The Altor VF virtual firewall was revealed last week and was created to secure dynamic virtual environments. Security is maintained by shielding each virtual machine behind a virtual firewall, and is the first project to export firewall event data from inside the virtual network to the ArcSight SIEM Platform.

The Platform gives both historical analysis and real-time even correlation that allows business and government agencies to reduce risk and increase visibility across their IT infrastructure. The ArcSight Platform gives IT Managers the ability to incorporate event logs from the Altor VF virtual firewall.

“Complete visibility into every firewall, physical or virtual, in the network is key to effective security event management,” said Jeff Scheel, senior vice president of business development at ArcSight. “The ArcSight and Altor integration gives customers a comprehensive solution across physical and virtual networks – without needing on-site integration or separate solutions.”

“As virtualization moves from the development and test environments into production networks, IT managers demand greater visibility, availability, and security from this new technology,” said Poornima DeBolle, senior director of business development at Altor Networks. “Enabling the ArcSight SIEM Platform to capture and analyze logs from the Altor VF virtual firewall will go a long way toward fulfilling their needs.”

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