BlackBerry Z10 Black

The BlackBerry Z10 mobile phone redefines the BlackBerry user experience. Designed with a spacious 4.3 inch touchscreen, the Z10 offers fluid gestures on a High Definition display.  Experience the latest BlackBerry 10 OS powered by a responsive 1.5GHz dual-core processor; the perfect combination to keep you on top of your day.shafkatworkphoto

The BlackBerry Hub is your home for messages, emails and social updates and can be accessed from any application in a single swipe. It’s multi-tasking in its purest form. The BlackBerry Messenger service is back and now lets you video call your friends. You can even share what’s on screen to a contact on the other side of the world.

BlackBerry Hub
BlackBerry Hub acts as a notification center, with the user’s entire social and email accounts integrated into one app. These include, at launch, standard E-mail client, Twitter, Facebook, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), and LinkedIn (with options to turn any of these services off). Standard notifications like missed calls, voicemail, and system updates also appear on the hub. The hub can be accessible from any app/lock screen, by performing an upside down j-hook gesture.   Users can perform various tasks like compose emails, send emails, and browse social networks, without accessing other apps. Developers are also given options to integrate apps into the Blackberry Hub.

BlackBerry Balance
BlackBerry Balance is a new feature introduced in BlackBerry 10, enabling users to keep both personal data and office work data separated in its own spaces. Using Blackberry Enterprise Server 10, IT departments can allow users to set up work-spaces that automatically install applications and email accounts. After completion, users can navigate between personal and work profiles, by swiping down on the apps page. All of the user’s data is secured via 256-bit AES encryption, and any files created will stay within the profile partition.

Time Shift Camera
BlackBerry 10 features camera software that takes multiple frames of every photo. This feature allows users to adjust a photo easily to correct issues such as closed eyes.

BBM Video/Screen Share
BlackBerry’s popular messaging application now includes the ability to video chat as well as the ability to share the contents of a user’s BlackBerry screen with others.

Android Player
The Android player allows BlackBerry 10 Smarpthones to run some applications designed for the Android Operating System

BlackBerry 10 features a new virtual keyboard layout that mimics BlackBerry’s past generation’s physical keyboards.  The letters and numbers feature fonts and frets similar to previous BlackBerry devices. The keyboard also learns the user’s typing preferences, trying to auto-predict the next word. The keyboard also uses contextual information to predict the next letter in a word sequence. In this case, words will appear above the letter that the OS thinks that the user will touch next. Users can then perform a flicking upwards gesture above the letter to quickly select that word.  Also, swiping from right to left in keyboard deletes the entire word rather than using backspace to delete each character.

Bundled applications
Blackberry 10 features a number of included applications that help users perform various tasks and activities. These include maps, Web browser, Remember (Sticky notes app), Docs to Go, Story Maker (video and music stitching app), calculator, clock, music, media, weather, and file manager. Cloud service integrations like Box and Dropbox are also integrated by default. In addition, BlackBerry’s popular messaging service, BlackBerry Messenger is included with BlackBerry 10.

Third Party Applications
At the time of the release in January 2013, BlackBerry 10 operating system had 70,000 third party applications. This represents a substantial increase over the BlackBerry PlayBook which launched with only 3,000 third party applications.  In end of March 2013, BlackBerry 10 has 100,000 apps, but still less of imaging favorites like Instagram and Snapseed.

Unlike the previous BlackBerry OS (but similar to the BlackBerry PlayBook), applications must be downloaded through BlackBerry’s BlackBerry World storefront, which comes included with BlackBerry 10.

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