AMD Want to Make Gaming Easier

According to findings from Jon Peddie Research, nearly 66 percent of PCs sold in 2007 include only the bare minimum of functionality which means these systems cannot provide a satisfactory gaming experience.

Chip designers Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) have unveiled a new plan dubbed ?Game?, which will have an impact on the gaming industry. Jon Peddie said in a recent interview, “The super enthusiasts like tools and controls and, if this works, AMD will make life easier — and more fun — for them while at the same time less intimidating for the other gamers.”

The new initiative involves putting Game logos on AMD-based desktop and notebook computers that meet the requirements of today?s advanced game software. Joining AMD on this mission are partners such as Cyberpower, iBuypower, Alienware, Logitech, Microsoft Velocity Micro and Maingear. PC?s bearing the AMD logo will ship out during the second half of 2008.

The logos will appear on systems running between US$1,000 and $2,000. The machines have two different configurations. Game-minimum requirements in desktop PCs include Athlon X2 5600+ processors, 2 GB of memory, Radeon HD 3650 graphics and an AMD 770 or Nvidia nForce 500 series or better chipsets.

AMD Game Ultra desktop systems will include an AMD Phenom X4 9650 processors, ATI (Nasdaq: ATYT) Radion HD 3870 graphics, 2 GB of memory and an AMD 770 chipsets.

These specs will provide gamers with a machine capable of playing many of the top-selling games, according to AMD.

“The PC gaming market is a lot bigger than many people think. It’s where the highest performance equipment and players are. You might be amazed at some of the first-person shooter’s cinematic qualities, plus the stories and action, the amazing heart-pounding action of racing games, the unbelievable realisms of flight simulators and the shear vastness of some of the role-playing games, where entire nations are built and destroyed,” Peddie explained.

Brent Barry, AMD?s product marketing manager and gaming strategist said, “It’s unfortunate, but part of the problem on the PC side really is the industry needs to do a better job of servicing the gamer. So AMD Game really is about helping to boost the overall experience [and] help to make it better. What we figure is, if we can help keep the PC gaming industry healthier, everyone benefits.”

“We really want to do what we can to make sure that PC gaming stays healthy, stays vibrant and all of that feeds back into itself to make for a healthier industry,” Barry added.

Patrick Wang, a Wedbush Morgan analyst had this to say, “For them to be able to come out with something branded AMD Game, it gets your typical mainstream gamer to say ‘Oh, OK, this one is verified as a gaming PC by AMD,’ and feel better about their purchase. It probably helps, at some level, AMD gain mindshare on gaming platforms. It’s something that can help them.”

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One thought on “AMD Want to Make Gaming Easier”

  1. Ive always felt that AMD processors are tailor made for gaming. For all of Intel’s hype, AMD has been making decent progress for quite some time now.!

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