A Virtual Trip On The Underground

Virtual TravelResearchers at King?s College London have created a very unique experience for those who suffer from paranoia and dislike confined spaces, with the London underground one of the more common areas of society which people seem to have real fear about. King?s College has used the latest virtual reality technology to create a virtual trip on the underground where users can interact with virtual ?passengers? mimicking real life situations and allowing them to see that perhaps their paranoia and fears are unfounded.

Wearing one of the latest virtual reality headsets, researchers at the college allowed a number of people to create the look and feel of a 4 minute journey on the tube, where virtual passengers breathed, laughed, spoke and acted as if they were really on the London underground. Using the latest sound and visual aids they found they were able to recreate the exact situation which many passengers have become fearful of over the years, and advise them how best to cope, relaxation techniques but perhaps more importantly allow them to see from a distance that there really is nothing to be concerned about.

Historically research into paranoia and other such fears has relied upon an array of questionnaires, and while they do offer some kind of insight into the thoughts and fears of someone in that situation, they did not allow researchers to monitor physical reactions. The interaction of virtual technology together with professional counseling should ensure that more and more people are able to face their fears head on and turn around their lives. Conditions such as paranoia can debilitate a person and for many they are life changing ? often getting worse and worse as the person gets older and becomes more and more reserved.

Virtual conditions curing real life conditions, now that is progress!

Acer Ferrari FR1002WTMi

Acer Ferrari FR1002WTMi

Most laptops might have the features that make them stand out from other laptops in their range. This is the lifestyle product from the Acer; a branded Ferrari laptop. The complete ‘Ferrari’ feel which you would get from this laptop is very outstanding.

The laptop is made of rubberized plastic and carbon fiber. The rubberized plastic at the palm rest offers you a good feel when typing and adds comfort to your wrists as well. The notebook?s body of carbon fiber makes it to be light and maintains a portable aspect of the laptop.

The laptop has WXGA 12.1 inch screen and uses the CrystalBrite Technology of the Acer to provide a best viewing experience. TFT LCD supports the widescreen resolution of 1280×800 pixels with the 16:10 ratio. The graphics in this laptop are powered by the onboard ATI chipset.

The outstanding feature of this laptop is the GraviSense Technology from the Acer. This technology is useful to protect the data on Hard Disk Drive even in case of vibrations or shocks that could cause the data loss. A chip is there under the laptop?s HDD compartment to activate and deactivate the GraviSense.

Battery Life

The Acer Ferrari comes along with two batteries a 3 cell and a 6 cell battery. The six cell battery under the normal usage offers the backup time of approximately 3 hours while the three cells offered much lower than 90 minutes.

Sony Vaio VGN-TZ17GN

Sony Vaio VGN-TZ17GN

The Vaio is the line of laptops that never lose their flaunt value, and having one is much the style statement.

This Sony Vaio VGN-TZ17GN claims to be ultra-portable while still not leaving the performance behind. The heart of the laptop contains an Intel Core 2 Duo U7600 1.2 GHz, the low-voltage version of Core 2 Duo notebook solution. These kind of processors are generally used with an idea of providing the longer backup times sacrificing a little on the performance. The hard disk drive of low-rpm is the outstanding thing that increases the battery life while still letting the performance to take a hit. RAM of 1GB is shared with the graphics onboard. The RAM must be increased to another 1 GB that seems essential since the Vista Business arrives preinstalled.

The graphics performance is little poor. The laptop is not meant for the gaming, but you still can play the old-time favorites like the Counter-Strike and the Quake 3. Speaking comparatively, in terms of the performance, this laptop lies in between the ACI DMIQ series and the ASUS.

Backup Time

With the VGP-BPL11 Li-ion battery, the battery life of approximately 11-hour is pretty astounding; in reality. This is due to both the low voltage processor and the battery itself.


Very light, Intel U7600, great battery life, Good as the ultra-portable


Little bit expensive, no leather bag, little bit sluggish (Vista).

Asus S6Fm

Asus S6Fm

Being the lifestyle laptop, the S6 takes the elegance. It has the generous leather covering – including one on the outer lid.

The Asus S6 is also available in several other leather options. The leather offers the good tactile feel for the notebook. Even, it gives the notebook a complete different look: at the first sight, it looks like an expensive diary or folder. But there is an Asus badge sealed on it, sealed over the chrome strip – neat touch ? which begs that it is not a diary. The notebook is tiny and has the external ports organized well.

The Asus S6 comes bundled along with the Windows Vista Business. The CoreDuo processor of the notebook handles most activities peacefully. 1 GB of RAM assists in its smooth performance. The notebook can easily perform the everyday activities of the working individual – be it the entertainment or the work. But there is one exception ? the gaming. The laptop is not at all designed for gaming. It could decently run only the previous versions of the various strategy games.

The Asus S6 contains a battery pack of 6 cells. The specifications state the life of the battery of about 4.5 hours. But in practice, under the standard usage, this laptop comfortably lasts more than 3 hours. The Asus S6 comes bundled along with an Asus S6 notebook, charger, cable tie, Composite video cable, Modem cable, laptop bag, LCD cleaning material, an optical USB mouse, a manual and CDs.

Dell XPS M1330

Dell XPS M1330

Dell XPS M1330comes along with an adaptor, a power cable, Business Folder, Notebook Cover, a manual and few CDs.


Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 (800 MHz FSB, 4MB cache, 2.2 GHz)
965GM Intel Chipset
2GB DDR2 RAM 667 MHz
NVIDIA 8400M GS GPU, an External RAM of 128MB GDDR3
VISTA Home Premium
Advanced HD Audio from Sound Blaster Audigy


8x Dual Layer DVD Writer

13.3 WXGA UltraSharp Widescreen (1280 x 800)
Standard 88 key Keyboard


Gigabyte LAN
Ethernet LAN 10/100
Integrated Bluetooth 2.0

I/O Ports

mini FireWire
Express Card slot
S-Video out Port
1 VGA port
4-in-1 Card Reader
Two USB 2.0 Ports
Line-in Jack
Headphone-out jack
Micr-in jack

The Dell XPS series is always very stylish when that comes to the looks, and M1330 isn?t any different. On the outside, the XPS and Dell logo with the plastic rubberised finish for its lid make it to look exquisite. The inside includes the aluminium brushed wrist areas, touch-sensitive buttons and a silver keypad.


The XPS M1330 contains a very neat layout which makes it very comfortable and simple to use. The right part of the laptop contains the Wi-Fi search switch, power switch for wireless connectivity, PCMCIA card slot, stylish DVD-RW slot and a USB port.
The left part of the laptop contains the power connector, a VGA port, a LAN port, an HDMI port, a USB port and a mini FireWire port


The Dell XPS M1330 is a powerful laptop. Vista can be run seamlessly on it. It contains the power of GeForce 8400 GO in order to crunch the gaming applications.

LG Xnote R200

LG Xnote R200

LG’s series of Xnote laptops claim themselves to be “ultra-portable, ultra-stylish, ultra-advanced.” The R200 model is an interesting product that has entered the market since it is a rare model to have the auxiliary display which supports the SideShow feature of Windows Vista. It even seems to include few other good features with respect to the connectivity and the cooling.

Processor Intel Core2 Duo T7300 2.0Ghz
4MB L2 Cache 800MHz FSB
Chipset Intel Mobile 965PM Express
RAM 1 GB DDR2 ( 667MHz, 2 x 512MB), Dual Chanel Support and up to 4 GB support
Hard Disk Drive 160GB SATA
External Options for storage Super Multi DVD Dual layer Drive, 5-in-1 media card reader (MS Pro/MS/MMC/SD/XD)

Display 12.1 inches WXGA resolution (1280×800)
Graphics ATI Radeon Mobility HD2400, Hyper memory Support, 128MB VRAM
Dimensions 301x226x31 ~ 34 mm
Weight 1.94Kg
Battery Lithium-ion 6-Cell Battery
Connectivity Bluetooth, Intel Pro/Wireless support, Gigabit Ethernet, 56k Modem

Other than those specified features, the R200 even includes few other special features:

An auxiliary 2.5-inch display supporting the Windows Vista SideShow.
TruSurround XT technology and SRS WOW HD
MSSC (Multiple-Source Single Cooling), that cools the graphics core, chipset, CPU at the same time along with an optimized fan and copper heat sinks
Carbon NanoTube (CNT) technology that reduces the heat from the GPU & CPU over copper by 10 percent
Blue Core4: The LG’s advancement of Bluetooth module that is up to three times much faster than the Bluetooth v1.2

LG Xnote R200 arrives along with a Lithium-ion 6-cell battery. The laptop is a good performer indeed; with the SideShow feature, all that can be said is that it is the nice addition, but it is not definitely something to crave for.



Asus U5A is the exemplary instance of laptop technology the coming age. This features a Active Matrix LCD panel of 12.1″ and considering these features that it offers, the U5A is very light.

U5A is powered by Intel Pentium M760 running at the speed of 2 GHz, 768MB DDR2 RAM, 80 GB Hard Disk Drive, 8X DVD +/- RW drive. The other standard features include Bluetooth and WLAN 802.11b/g. Unlike X600 that is available on W3H00V, this has the IntelGraphicsMediaAccelerator 900 integrated that provides the decent graphics.

The Card slots at the side support Pro MS, MS, MMC, SD and PCMCIA cards. It has 3 USB ports which you can make use of to connect variety of devices.


Although U5A lacks the Color Shine beauty screen of W3H00V, Active Matrix LCD offers good color as well as depth. Even, the viewing angle is very good. It even sports several power saving modes which one can be switched manually.

The standard bundle comes along with a 4800 mAH 6-cell Li-Ion battery which comfortably provides a continuous usage of 175 minutes on an average. It weighs approximately 1.3 kilograms along with an optical drive and the battery attached.


Battery life, performance, compact and Lightweight.


Average graphics capability, Cramped keyboard and No ColorShine screen.

BenQ Joybook 6000

BenQ Joybook 6000
Weighing just around 1.6kgand porting a blue and silver finish, this notebook takes the other route from a silver finish or normal black. The finishing at the inside of the laptop is very neat with those edges having the touch of sparkling black. it seemed very flashy at first, but when you get closer to it, it looks really cool.

the laptop is powered by Centrino Mobile processor of 1.5GHz from Intel with 1MB L2 cache. It operates on 855GME chipset which even has the Extreme Graphics2 chip from Intel. The remaining configuration includes PC 2700 256 MB DDR RAM and a 40 GB HDD. It has an AC97 Audio Controller and a 16:9 aspect ratio 12.1″ wide WXGA LCD screen.

One vital thing to make a note is that no optical drive built into this laptop. external optical drive has been bundled that connects to an USB port and is the 8X/24X combo drive. Dimensions of this laptop were stated as 320 (L)x218 (W)x23(H) mm. it can be really said that this laptop is of the notebook size. The ports are covered nicely with the flip covers and can be opened easily.


The Notebook features a Li-Ion 4 pack battery. The battery lasts only for 130 minutes maximum with 100% utilization of CPU all the time.


Sophisticated, Sexy and sleek, 3-year warranty and Good performance



Lenovo 3000 Y500 Notebook

Lenovo 3000 Y500 Notebook

By now, you might have got used to log in into your laptop using the fingerprint scanners and smartcards. It?s time now to prepare for some biometric security techniques. The silver colored platinum Lenovo 3000 Y500 laptop goes few steps ahead and allows you to login with the face as the credential. It comes along with the software known as the VeriFace to do this honors. The software needs your chin, mouth and nose to be clear while logging in. If any of these are covered, then it may not let you to log in. It requires good lighting conditions for operations.
The laptop has the 15.4? WXGA screen which gives it the wide form factor, and permits a maximum 1280 x 800 resolution. It weighs around 2.5 kilos, good for wide screen format laptop. Y500 is supposed to be the multimedia laptop, and it comes integrated along with Dolby HomeTheatre system with a two 2 X 2 W speakers and a 2.5W sub-woofer. Moreover, it arrives with the custom UI designed by the Lenovo known as a Lenovo Shuttle Center. It resembles the interface of Windows Media Center. You can utilize it along with the integrated tuner card for TV to watch the television (including a setup box cable) and even record the video.
The laptop has a profile-based feature called the ‘iGRS’ which creates the profiles for all the wireless and wired networks which it gets through and roams seamlessly between them when you roam around. In addition, it has an integrated Bluetooth, 3 USB ports, a cardbus slot, a 4-in-1 digital card reader, a VGA port and a 10/100Mbps Ethernet.

Desknote i-Buddie 4

Desknote i-Buddie 4

The DeskNote is the better performing and cheap alternative to a conventional notebook, and is upgradeable easily, but it doesn’t have the internal battery, and utilizes the regular components of the PC components (not the components of a custom laptop), helping them to keep the costs down.

Using an integrated chipset of SiS 650, which assists both the Northwood and Willamette cores, the i-Buddie4 comes along with Pentium 4 2.0 GHz processor based on Northwood core. It even has 512KB L2 cache and is designed using 0.13micron technology. The machine runs only on power from mains, and doesn?t come along with the battery, its system bus speed (or the FSB) of 400 MHz makes this i-Buddie 4, the fastest computing solution!
The i-Buddie 4 comes along with one CD-ROM drive, a 20GB HDD from IBM Travelstar, a 10/100 LAN and a 56K modem and both of them being onboard. The machine even has 4slots of USB 2.0 and a port for IEEE 1394 that is capable of the rates of transfer of up to 400Mbps. The system even uses 256MB DDR-SDRAM. Eclusive of these, you have some usual I/O interfaces such as an external VGA port, headphone jack, Mic-in, TV-out, S-video, and a parallel port. The accessories that accompany the package include a telephone cable, a video cable, an adaptor, a power cable and the installation of the ThizLinux! The i-Buddie 4 does not come preinstalled with the Windows OS.

This battery-less i-Buddie4 from the ECS is priced a lot that doesn?t make good sense really for the machine which is only a semi-mobile.

Easily upgradeable and very fast


Windows Operating system doesn?t come preinstalled, poor build quality, graphic performance is very low and is much expensive.